An art & food tour Roma

An art & food tour Roma

Rome the Eternal City, the capital of Italy. Before traveling to Rome you must read a book and see a movie, one of the best books in English is SPQR A History of Ancient Rome by Mary Beard, and one of the best movie is The Great Beauty of the Italian filmaker Paolo Sorrentino, who is compared to Federico Fellini. Thanks to The Great Beauty you can understand the character of the contemporary Rome.


Rome is immense, it is the most populated city in Italy, it takes years to get to know it, it is one of the largest archeological museums in the world, chaotic, bohemian, grotesque, unfaithful lover, Rome is a city that captures the imagination...

Rome was the capital of an empire of extraordinary dimensions. A city where architecture and art had reached unthinkable levels. A city of intellectuals and philosophers, but also of astrophysicists and emperors.

The city of the Pantheon and the Colosseum of Piazza Navona, of Campo dei Fiori, the city that hosts the Pope and his museums. The city that is the cradle of European culture and knowledge. A city that captivates just walking through its streets.

Rome retains a unique spirit, full of charm and charisma. A city where traditional recipes keep alive the memory of the past and where even the definition Caput Mundi always maintains its relevance.

The typical Roman dishes are many and some of them are a true icon of Italian cuisine in the world. The dish that best represents the Roman tradition and cuisine is certainly the “Pasta alla Carbonara”. The history tells that the origin of “Pasta alla Carbonara” dates back to 1944, in an ancient Roman trattoria located in Vicolo della Scrofa. An old legend says that the combination of different ingredients provided by American soldiers during the second world war led to the creation of this dish, made with eggs, Guanciale (Bacon) and cheese. The traditional recipe consists only of egg yolks, Guanciale (Bacon), Pecorino Romano cheese, (a cheeses made from sheep's milk) salt and pepper, and most importantly... cream is absolutely forbidden.

Carciofi alla Giudia (Jewish style artichokes) are another typical dish of Roman cuisine; a crispy frying artichokes, turns like chips. This preparation has its origin in the ancient Roman taverns, in particular in the area of the Jewish ghetto. Walking through Campo dei Fiori you can not avoid to try another typical dish of Rome ... Fried salt Cod Filets (Filetti di Baccalá Fritti) another Roman Jewish récipe.

What are you waiting for ... wear your sneakers and enjoy the eternal city.