PepeGusto for Retailers

Have you ever wanted to sell premium Italian food and wine?

Maybe you have, but you never followed through as you’re afraid of committing when you’re not sure about your customers’ feedback. 

Well, don’t think about it any longer.

PepeGusto has you covered.

We offer you the chance to try and taste exceptionally good Italian food and wine, products you and your customers won’t find anywhere else, in very small quantities.

You won’t need to commit to high volumes and you’ll have the time to find out whether they appeal to your customers’ taste. 

With our mini-boxes, you can try out our products, test them with your customers and then decide if you want to order more.

There are no intermediaries, as we research and select first-hand high quality products from small farmers, growers and producers. And then we deliver them directly to you.

We personally know all our suppliers, so the quality we offer is a guarantee you can pass on to your customers.

Share our Italian passion.

Order our mini-boxes right now and let’s take it from there.


If you have a wine shop, a bistro, a restaurant ... Contact us for more information


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