Tuscany is probably the most famous Italian region in the world for the richness of its art, the sweetness of its landscapes, the quality of its wines and the variety of its cuisine.

Unfortunately, the image of this beautiful region is also made up of stereotypes and clichés, which detract from its beauty but which do not tell everything about it.

In anticipation of a trip to visit this territory, we would like to recommend something that is perhaps far from the usual tourist routes, but that will fascinate you with its beauty and uniqueness, in a small search for the most unusual and fascinating places. 

After visiting the beautiful cities of Pisa and Lucca, in the surrounding countryside you will find the San Rossore Natural Park, an estate of 24,000 hectares, to be explored on foot, by bicycle or even on horseback! And maybe take the opportunity to have a picnic on the grass with the best traditional Italian products. Bread, cured meat and prosciutto, cheeses and compotes… a journey into nature, through time and ancient flavors.

But if you really want to take a journey through history, then you can't miss the Abbey of San Galgano, built in 1218 and now without a roof. Time has transformed the floor into a green lawn, but the real attraction lies in the chapel next to the abbey, a real sword in the stone! The sword was really stuck in a stone by a noble knight around 1100, who had decided to give up all earthly possessions. Despite countless attempts, no one has ever managed to remove the sword from its seat. 

And if this trip to Tuscany takes you away from the cities, you can visit the ancient abandoned village of Isola Santa in the Apuan Alps. An ancient village of centuries-old buildings, where in some of them you can even stay overnight, surrounded by lush nature in the heart of the famous Apuan Alps. 

But if you really can't stay away from the charm of Florence, after the 'institutional' visit of the most famous places in the city, you can go to the discovery of its secret places (every city has them!), such as the Vasari Corridor, a secret passage wanted by Cosimo de Medici that, through towers, bridges and palaces, connects Palazzo Vecchio to Palazzo Pitti; or the Burelle, the ancient Florentine prisons, built in the depths of the city, near Palazzo Vecchio, a terrifying but fascinating place.

Every season and every occasion will be ideal for a trip to this beautiful region, which you will fall in love with whether you decide to visit the most famous places or want to discover its secrets.