Verona, A Timeless Love Story

Verona, A Timeless Love Story

How to start talking about Verona without naming the timeless and never ending story of Romeo and Juliet?

Second only to Venice in terms of romance and passion, Verona is in effect called the city of love thanks to the story of these two unfortunate lovers. Mandatory stops of the visit to this city are therefore Romeo's house, Juliet's tomb and obviously Juliet's house with the famous balcony under which Romeo declared his love to this young woman.

While we do not know if Romeo and Juliet actually existed, we know with certainty that the noble Montague and Capulet families did exist, who lived in the houses attributed to the two lovers. Juliet's tomb, on the other hand, was identified in an empty red marble sarcophagus outside the city walls. Visited by ordinary people, romantics from all over the world and people of culture, as also reported by Lord Byron in his letters from Italy: “It is a plain, open, and partly decayed sarcophagus, in a wild and desolate conventual garden once a cemetery now ruined to the very graves. The situation struck me as very appropriate to the legend, being blighted as their love.”

And like every Italian city and region, the particular atmosphere, passion and love of this city is also found in its gastronomic traditions, in the aromas and fragrances of its products. Those who love Verona for its ancient monuments, its silent streets, the gentle bends of the Adige river, cannot fail to be passionate about its products that tell us so much about this city and the region that welcomes it. A tradition of rich, elaborated dishes, made with love (we are in the city of love, aren't we?), but starting with simple ingredients. Why not try the Risotto of Amarone, red like passion. Prepared with Vialone Nano rice, typical of this city, and Amarone, the precious red wine from Valpolicella.

Let yourself be guided by love and passion for a romantic trip to this wonderful city, visit its enchanting corners and try its surprising typical products, for an experience that will leave a sweet memory in your heart.