Shipping and Delivery

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EU + UK Zone  US + Canada Zone
Express Delivery in 24-36 hours! 
Delivery in 2-5 business days! 
Range 0 - 38,99€ > Shipping Rate 14,90€ 
Minimum order 49$
Range 49$ > 120$ > Shipping Rate 61,53$ 
Duties not incluse where required.
Range 39 - 198,99€ > Shipping Rate 8,90€ 
Range Over 120$ > Shipping Rate 49,50$
Duties not incluse where required.
Over 199€ > Free Shipping
Other Countries ( Albania, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Republic Of Moldova, Republic of Montenegro, Turkey) Switzerland
Delivery in 2-3 business days! 
Express Delivery in 24-36 hours! 
Range 0 - 999,99€ > Shipping Rate 24,99€ 
Range 0€ > 9.999€ > Shipping Rate 39€
Duties not incluse where required.
Duties not incluse where required.
What Our Customers Say

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The order will be carried out within 24/48 hours from payment confirmation

There are no additional costs or taxes for shipping within the EU.
Shipping to all other destinations can be subjected to customs duty. Such duty is entirely on the customer, that will have to pay the amount to the courier or the competent authorities. It is up to the customer to provide all the necessary information and/or pay the dues in order to proceed to clearance of goods. Otherwise, the goods will be sent back to our warehouse.

North America - Canada: Duties not incluse where required.


if you returned the goods or requested a replacement of previously ordered goods, the new shipping can be subjected to further customs duty.

Once the order has been processed, you will receive an e-mail with a tracking number that you can use to check the state of your order, directly on the courier’s website.


When you receive the goods, we recommend that you make sure:

  • that the number of parcels indicated on the consignment note matchs the number of parcels you received;
  • that the parcels are not damaged; any damages must be reported immediately by e-mail to:

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