Our vision

Are you looking for a unique take on premium Italian food and wine? You are in the right place.

Everyone has a different concept of luxury. Actually, one of its hallmark is that luxury is personal. For some it's a concept.
Or a lifestyle. For others, a product or a service.
For sure, it is something exclusive, niche, exceptionally good.
It is a secret that it’s too good to keep to yourself and you need to share it with your loved ones.
But it also means being aware of what you eat and drink, being passionate about quality.

PepeGusto Premium Italian Food - Philosophy

It’s not Italian sounding, it’s 100% Made in Italy.

Authentic Italian food and wine produced in limited numbers, impossible to get unless you have a direct relationship with the producers, like we do.

A one-of-a-kind culinary experience that you’ll want to repeat again and again.

Just sit back and relax. We will bring you on a journey with us, inside an Apulian olive grove, a Tuscan winery, a cheese farm from Verona or Emilia.

Close your eyes, and each taste and sip will remind you of the unique citrus-flavoured beer you tasted in Sorrento, the heavenly balsamic vinegar you discovered in Modena or that complex, premium extra-virgin olive oil you tasted in Umbria while admiring its historic towns and lush countryside.

"We researched and selected for you the best small Italian farmers,
growers and producers."

Like the olive grower who treats his 6,000 trees like children, and produces heat and fertilisers from the waste of the manufacturing cycle. Or the Tuscan family company guided by two energetic sisters who produce an exceptional wine - a niche, unique product which you won’t forget after first tasting it.

Our suppliers safeguard the land and work sustainably to deliver only the very best products, full of taste and authenticity. They produce in small batches, to preserve premium quality. Delivering the true taste of Italy in one bite and one sip.

PepeGusto is at the centre of a circle that generates value for all those involved: the local economy, our suppliers, our business partners and our customers.

Carefully selected products, a friendly service, fast delivery, superb value for your money. Plus, handcrafted artistic packaging options perfect as a gift for friends and family.

“They really care about customers, that’s how a business should be run.”

Unique Italian food and wine following a tradition of excellence, delivered directly to your table with one click.

Can you feel our passion?

Start your culinary Italian journey right now and bring it all home.

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