Olio Ciarletti - Umbria

Olio Ciarletti

To spread the oil culture, its health benefits, and its importance in a healthy diet is a lifestyle choice made by the Ciarletti family who have cultivated their olives for generations following tradition and today using the most up to date technology. Obtaining a prestigious olive oil is the result of a series of factors that interact in a complex manner, the physical fatigue from the pruning to the harvest, the manic and scrupulous attention dedicated to the pressing and conservation, only through sheer dedication and passion can the proprietors achieve this year in year out. To help you on your way to a true understanding of the world of oil we would be happy to show you around the oil mill and arrange some tasting lessons following the rules of the “Oil Sommelier”.


Quality and Typicity

Natural conditions along with those conditions chosen by us as farmers and mill workers render our oil a prestigious Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The first factors to influence the organoleptic characteristics and hence the complexity of the product, are the pruning methods adopted, the fertilisers used, the disease control carried out, the harvest method adopted and the relative modes of conserving the olives before harvest-time. The other factors are those that mainly contribute towards determining the typicity of the oil thanks to the climate, stony ground and the variety. Recognised as one of the richest cultivars for its nutritional compounds, Moraiolo has a strong intensity of traces of artichoke and aromatic herbs as well as a distinct bitter and peppery taste.

The choice to farm a single variety of olive was taken to ensure an unmistakeable product with distinct characteristics to all senses, the eye, taste and smell.

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