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Olive oil
Tasty and refined, olive oil is the main ingredient of every recipe, thanks to the ability to enhance the taste of any kind of food (meat, fish, vegetables and much more). Our Italian food store offers a vast selection of the best quality of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, exclusively produced on our territory by small companies that prefer to focus all their production on high quality rather on large quantities: Società Agricola Trevi il Frantoio, Frantoi Cutrera e Ca’ del Doge.

Geographical origin

In line with our intent of promoting quality products from the Italian territory, we have carefully selected companies located in different areas of Italy, each with different geomorpholical traits. Olio Flaminio, for example, is produced in Umbria: Trevi, Foligno and Campello sul Clitunno are the areas where Guidobaldi family cultivates the different species of Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino. These crops occupy a rocky and sloping terrain, where the cold winter temperatures completely eliminate the threat of Mosca Olearia. Olive oil Ca’ del Doge is instead produced on the slopes of Val d’Illasi, an amazing mountain area between Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige: Giancarlo Bonamini takes care of five hectares of land where Grignano, Favarol, Frantoio and Leccino olive trees are cultivated. All the products of Frantoi Cutrera come instead from Sicily, where the small company has almost 50 hectares of olive groves in the Hyblean mountains.

Production and processing

The high quality of Extra-Virgin olive oil is also due to meticulous production techniques which aim to preserve intact the organoleptic properties of olives. The whole production begins with the olive harvest, which can be done by hand or with the use of combs. Once picked, olives are brought to the mill in less than 12 hours: this precaution ensures excellent quality of Extra-Virgin olive oil, because it prevents the increase of acidity and oil oxidation. The cleaning phase has also its value in the production. Specific machines remove leaves and impurities, because they could alter the taste of Extra-Virgin olive oil. The cleaned olives – with the pits – are crushed and reduced to paste, then stirred in a low temperature tank, isolated from the outside to avoid the exchange of oxygen. The production of olive oil ends with the separation of liquid part (oil and water) from the solid one (pomace) through a decanter. Finally, the separation of oil from the water leads to production of high quality of Extra-Virgin olive oil, which keeps the flavor of the original fruit intact.

Olive oil:

all the types Our Italian stores offer you the possibility to choose between four differente types of olive oil, each one suitable to satisfy different tastes and culinary needs.

  • Frescolio Cutrera is an unfiltered Extra-Virgin olive oil, produced with the typical Moresca olives. The color is deep green and the aroma is fruity, with all the traits of a freshly produced oil. The full-bodied and enveloping flavor makes it perfect to season legume soup, grilled meat and stews.
  • Flaminio DOP is an Extra-Virgin olive oil, exclusively produced with olives grown in a territory with DOP certification.
  • Flaminio Delicato is a high quality olive oil, with a typical yellow color with green reflections and fresh scent. It’s perfect to combine with seafood salads, baked fish and soft cheeses. 
  • Flaminio Fruttato is an Extra-Virgin olive oil produced with olives harvested at early maturation. It’s an aromatic oil, which is characterized by an intense and decisive flavor, by a bitter aftertaste and a spicy note.