Pastificio Ferdinando II

Ferdinando II Artisan Pasta made in Gragnano

Ferdinando II, a pasta factory now in its fifth generation of pasta masters, produces artisan pasta following, with love, the secrets handed down from generation to generation, which have made Gragnano famous in the world, for its pasta with a unique flavor and texture. We only use 100% Italian raw materials of the highest quality and we scrupulously follow all stages of production and the regulations for the IGP certification.

Our pasta establishes the indissoluble union between water, semolina, bronze drawing, aromas and flavors of a wonderful land. Our pasta factory is IGP-IFS –BRC certified.

Gragnano is the city of pasta and certainly its position at the foot of the Lattari Mountains, its mild and slightly humid climate were fundamental for the success of pasta production. The latter, in fact, has a very long history which, between alternating events over the centuries, consecrates Gragnano as its “capital” complete with the Royal decree of King Ferdinand II of Bourbon of the Kingdom of Naples, which on 12 July 1845 gives to the producers of Gragnano the high privilege of supplying the court with all long pasta. So from simple artisan shops, pasta began to be produced in real pasta factories and the entire Via Roma was remodeled to favor the exposure of the pasta to the sun, in order to dry it in the center of the country enjoying the benefits of the climate.

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