Pistachio and Cashew Salsa - I Vasetti di Riccardo

I Vasetti di Riccardo

Pistachio and Cashew Salsa

I’ve always loved pistachios. this recipe was already part of my kitchen table long before i started the vasetti, so it came just natural to share it.



For a quick, fresh and delicious pasta mix it simply with some grated citrus zest. For a much fancier recipe: in a large frying pan stir some prawns and cook for two minutes, pour in a splash of brandy and cook for a few minutes more, remove the prawns from the pan and keep them warm, add the Pistachio Sauce in the pan and stir thouroughly. Now use the sauce obtained on pasta, garnish with the warm prawns and don’t forget to add a teaspoon of grated citrus zest. The Pistachio Sauce is also perfect when spread on fish fillets before cooking them in the oven or with white meats stir-fry. But actually it is so delicious that you can also enjoy it at its best simply spread on crostini!


Pistachios (45%), cashew nuts *, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, Pecorino Romano DOP cheese, table salt, pepper.

* ingredients from the fair trade circuit 
Gluten Free