Cultivar Taggiasca Extra Virgin Olive Oil [Liguria] - Famiglia Aicardi

Famiglia Aicardi

Cultivar Taggiasca Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Liguria, 500ml biolio bottle

Obtained exclusively from hand-picked olives from our olive groves, processed within 24 hours of collection. Cold extraction. Sweet and delicate on the palate, with hints of almond and artichoke.
Excellent for raw condiments but its delicacy makes it perfect on any preparation.


TYPE OF OIL: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
VARIETY: Taggiasca
PRODUCTION AREA: Imperia (Liguria)
AVERAGE HEIGHT: 450 m. above sea level
HARVEST TIME: October-November
HARVEST METHOD: Hand picking. The olives collected are brought within 6 hours to our oil mill for pressing within 24 hours of the harvest
CRUSHING METHOD: Continuous two-phase cycle
PRESERVATION METHOD: Small stainless steel containers sealed and at controlled temperature

ORGANOLEPTIC ANALYSIS: Sweet scent, reminiscent of almond and artichoke. Light fruity and delicate and round flavor. Intense green in the first periods after extraction - Intense golden yellow, with greenish reflections, clear to follow

The Philosophy

Our farm extends over various lands, from the sea to the heights of Aurigo, a town 450 meters inland from Imperia. This diversity of our olive groves allows us to offer a range of oils with very different flavors, always with at the base the typical delicacy of our Taggiasca olive. In our company laboratory, in addition, we also produce the characteristic "Taggiasca" olives in brine and other typical products of our cuisine.

(Samuele Aicardi)