Syrentum, Gold beer with fresh rind of Sorrento IGP Lemons - Birrificio Sorrento

Birrificio Sorrento

From the attractive golden color with abundant foam, white, creamy and well attached to the inside walls of the glass.
The first olfactory impact reminds us of the freshness with clear notes, characterizing but never invasive of the renowned Sorrento lemons. Soon malty notes are found that recall the acacia honey but always well counterpointed by a fresh fruity apple and tropical fruit.
On the palate it is fuller than you could expect from the olfactory test, with fruity notes on the tip and in the center of the tongue and more citric but never harsh on the lateral center-back area. The aftertaste is harmonious, natural consequence of a balanced beer, although characterized by the use of a citrus so particular, but certainly not exempt from bitter notes and herbaceous for the generous but wise use of aromatic hops.

PAIRINGS: Fish dishes, fried fish, various fried food, buffalo mozzarella.

Grande Birra
Guida alle birre d'Italia Slow Food 2015
Guida alle birre d'Italia Slow Food 2017