Amaro del Farmacista

Farmacia Minelli

The "Amaro del Farmacista" is formulated according to the traditional larch created by the Minelli Pharmacy, using herbs with proven digestive action.
It can be a beneficial aid for the after-dinner cold drink, an excellent aperitif or an unusual corrective for coffee.
Faithful to the highest officinal tradition, the Amaro of the Pharmacist was created by carefully selecting the herbs that compose it, by virtue of their natural properties.
They promote the bile and stomach function ensuring good digestion, as well as delighting the palate with its soft and very pleasant taste.

In the Amaro of the Pharmacist there are 5 herbs known for them
their digestive properties.

  • bitter orange (Citrus Aurantium L. var. Amara)
  • the gentian (Gentiana Lutea L.)
  • the china (Cinchona Officinalis L.)
  • mint (Mentha Piperita Hudson)
  • wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium L.)

And what are these properties?
The 5 herbs contained in the bitterness of the pharmacist have a stomachic action, ie digestive and stimulating appetite.
They also promote the secretions of the stomach (eupeptic) and the production of bile (choleretic and cholagogue).
They also have a beneficial effect on post-prandial swelling, especially mint (carminative).

Digestive herbal liqueur 27% vol. 700ml.