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Monocultivar "il Moraiolo" Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil [Umbria] - Ciarletti


Monocultivar "il Moraiolo" - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Umbria

COMBINATIONS: The fresh vegetable component of Moraiolo is perfect raw on legumes such as potatoes, chickpeas, lentils and all soups that need the addition of spicy and herbaceous aromas. Excellent on grilled red meats, roasted vegetables, gratin dishes, important fish and medium-aged cheeses.


TYPE OF OIL: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
VARIETY: Moraiolo
PRODUCTION AREA: Località Manciano, Colline di Trevi (PG)
AVERAGE HEIGHT: 500 m. above sea level
TYPE OF SOIL: Clayey, limy
HARVEST METHOD: Hand picking. The olives collected are brought within 6 hours to our oil mill for pressing within 12 hours of the harvest
CRUSHING METHOD: Continuous two-phase cycle
PRESERVATION METHOD: Small stainless steel containers sealed and at controlled temperature

ORGANOLEPTIC ANALYSIS: Medium fruity. Of a beautiful intense golden color with green tones, clear, the nose is broad and enveloping, rich in decidedly herbaceous scents with dominant notes of artichoke and unripe almond, with an intense and decisive bitter charge. On the palate it is complex but balanced with green olives, thistle, aromatic herbs and spices.

The Philosophy

We believe that diffusing the knowledge of oil is the only weapon to distinguish the quality from other deceptive products on the market.
It should be known that Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most noble of the vegetable fats. It is obtained from the fruit itself not from seeds, as are the other vegetable fats, but also because it is pressed using either mechanical or physical methods that do not alter the product whatsoever.

It can only be called Extra Virgin when these rules are respected and when the free acidity, expressed as oleic acid, is no more than 0.8g per 100g (0.8%).

Other elements that contribute to objectively determining the quality level of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil are the high content of antioxidants, like polyphenols, vitamins E & K, fatty acids, chlorophyll and carotenoids etc.… Your self-interest and sensibility will encourage you to want to know how an oil, a good oil, can help your health and your pleasure at the table!

 (Gianfranco Ciarletti)


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