Hailing from Northern Italy, where the monks of the local convents have spread its distillation system, grappa is the most appreciated liqueur on national and international territory. PepeGusto, the Italian store that gathers food and wine excellencies, offers you a wide selection of Zu Plun grappa - from the muscat to the aged -, obtained from marc of small winemakers with high quality standards.

Geographical origin

In the Alpe di Siusi area, at the foot of Dolomites, the master distiller Florian Rabanser produces high quality grappa and distillates using exclusively local raw materials. All these spirits are produced with pomaces from small winemakers in South Tyrol: from the vineyards near the local wine route, from the areas around Novacella convent (Valle Isarco) and from all the other vines of the region. So Zu Plun distillery represents a local excellence, thanks to the production of high quality grappa using only the regional marc.

Production and distillation

Zu Plun distillery produces seven different monovitigno grappas inside a XIV century farm. All production and distillation processes are carefully controlled, and the product is vinified only in good years. After harvesting and fermentation, distillation is the most thorny phase of the entire production. Zu Plun grappas are all distilled with double passage in bain-marie copper alembics, which operate in a discontinuous cycle.

Our selection of Zu Plun grappa

Our Italian food store PepeGusto offers you an accurate selection of Zu Plun grappas, obtained with the best pomaces from South Tyrol.