Grappa Aged Traminer

Zu Plun

Dolomiti Gewürztraminer: Gewürztraminer, which are originally from the South Tyrolean lowlands, are special.

Some are blown away by the full-bodied, flavorful white wine, others find it completely too “flowery”. When distilled, this flavorful, spicy variety of grape boasts a rich, multilayered bouquet of flavors.
The Dolomiti Gewürztraminer grappa by Zu Plun is made of the pomace of grapes from Gumphof near Fiè allo Sciliar, and matures for two years in barriques.
Stylistics: It smells warm and complex with elegant floral notes. You will also notice a hint of oak from the barrique, which gives the distillate a flavorful, harmonious spice.

Alcohol 42% vol.

Category: Alto Adige, Grappa

Vendor: Zu Plun