Italian Recipe: Truffle Experience

Italian Recipe: Truffle Experience

The truffle is rare, precious and delicious! The hunting of truffles is an ancient Umbrian tradition. Umbria is one of the regions with the highest rate of black truffles in Italy. The black truffle in Umbria is also called 'The King of the Table', 'The black diamond of the kitchen' or 'the black gold' because its selling price is very high.

For some researchers the truffle, thanks to its aroma, represented a sort of "fifth essence", capable of giving a feeling of ecstasy which delighted the sense of smell and the palate.

Truffles grow underground, attached to the roots of oak trees, and truffle dogs are employed to help in their searching. An ancient legend tells that truffles need water, heat and thunders in order to grow. This ancient legend does not differ so much from the scientific reality, as thunders are attracted by trees rich in water such as the oak, that is the best place for truffles to grow.

Black Truffle ripens and can be harvested in the months between November and March. Black Truffle has a roundish shape and its dimensions vary between those of a small hazelnut, up to those of a big potato. Truffle has many beneficial properties. It is famous for its richness in antioxidants, which help fight free radicals rich in iron, calcium and vitamin C. It has also elasticized properties that stimulate the production of collagen and its ingestion helps the digestion. Many benefits can be obtained from the consumption of black truffle. The limited contribution of carbohydrates and sugars means that black truffle can also be consumed by pople with diabetes. Rich in proteins and fibers, poor in fats and cholesterol free, it can be consumed without any problem by pople of all ages and by whom that having cardiovascular problems. It does not contain gluten and therefore it can be consumed by individuals with gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

The taste characteristics of the black truffle is very complex and difficult to reproduce, more than 50 different compounds are involved in its final composition, among them, fruit aromas, olive, butter, leather, mushroom, corn or caramel, also umami, the fifth flavor that goes a little beyond sweet, salty, bitter and acid and so on.

The aromas and flavors of fresh quality black truffles are like great wines, which contain something magical inside that makes them unique.

Fresh Black Truffle can be eaten in raw in fine slivers, to preserve at the best is fragrance, to prepare a pasta, scrambled eggs or a risotto, or in cream to spread directly on bread or on meat and vegetable dishes.

Pair the Black Truffle with a good glass of Italian wine for living an unique sensorial experience…Cheers!