An Interview with Capurso Wine

An Interview with Capurso Wine

For some reason it seems that lately we are destined to meet strong women working in the wine world. Even Selene was a beautiful discovery! Together with her sister Camilla, they deal with the commercial activities of Capurso Wine, including welcoming customers to the cellar for visits and wine tastings. They also take care of administrative issues and communication. Dad Nunzio Giovanni Capurso is the winemaker that takes care of everything concerning the vineyards and the wines.

Selene, can you help us to deepen the philosophy of your company?

We believe that sustainably growing grapes is not only a necessity for those, like us, who want to do well in viticulture, but it is also feasible and profitable. We want to produce with care and awareness, using natural resources efficiently and maintaining economic and social prosperity for ourself and our territory. We make the best use of the most advanced tools for integrated pest management and proactively adopts the latest practices to protect us and the environment tin all agricultural operations, thus reaching all around sustainability - economic, social and environmental.

How do your coffee differ from the others on the market?

We use only 3 hectares of the 15 we have, because we want to make a few quantity of bottles, but high quality wines, more controlled and with a very selective harvest of the best clusters. Our wines are made only with our grapes (exclusively indigenous varieties of Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara and Croatina) and the vineyard is very close - in the same farm - to the cellar, where grapes are processed.

What is the relationship between Capurso Wine and its territory of origin?

Everything began in Valpantena Valley, whose name derives from “pan-theos” (valley of all gods) with ancient viticultural traditions. The valley is like a “natural amphitheater” and we are in the heart of it, protected by Lessini Mountains and by Torricelle Hills. Its microclimate, with significant temperature fluctuations between day and night, its prolonged daily exposure to sun, light and continuous breeze (both day and night) and its alluvial soil consisting of clay and limestone, together guarantee high quality grape production. We take care of our territory even preserving, improving and increasing biodiversity. For this reason we have installed four hives for the bees, that are inextricably linked to agriculture and play an important role in the pollination of flowers; their presence is a sign of the excellence state of health of the environment. Then, we have some nests for birds and batbox, homes for insects pollinators and flowery areas.

Please suggest us some food pairing with your wines.

We love to drink our Diavolo Rosso with game meat or matured cheese, while Amarone is perfect at the end of a meal as conversation wine paired with dark chocolate.