An interview with Sabatini Gin: meet Chiara

An interview with Sabatini Gin: meet Chiara

Sabatini Gin comes from the two greatest passions of the Sabatini family: the one for Tuscany and the one for good gin. Sabatini Gin is the first 100% Tuscan London Dry, flavored with local botanicals.

From the first moment in which PepeGusto added Sabatini Gin in its catalog, it was a huge success. But why is Sabatini Gin so requested by our customers? We wanted to understand more chatting with Chiara, Sabatini Gin Brand Manager.

Hi Chiara and welcome to PepeGusto blog. Can you help us to deepen the Sabatini Gin brand philosophy?

Sabatini Gin is born from the deep love of a family for its land and traditions: in our brand, the excellent quality of Tuscan raw materials meets the love for good drinking. This passion has been handed down to the family by the great-grandfather Guglielmo, enologist, who founded in the 20th century distilleries and brands still sold in Australia and South America. Today the company is run by the four men of the Sabatini family: Ugo, the two sons Niccolò and Enrico, and the cousin Filippo.

The right association between tradition and modern tastes was realized after eight attempts: this is how Sabatini Gin is born, a London Dry gin with a Tuscan heart. Nine botanicals are cultivated in Villa Ugo, the historic residence of the family, to be then used for our gin: Tuscan juniper, Florentine isis, wild fennel, thyme, sage, lavender, olive leaves, coriander and verbena. Cultivation and harvesting of these botanicals is done according to seasons.

The final result is an aromatic bouquet that recalls the Mediterranean fragrances of the Italian countryside. The desire was to create a balanced product, which did not exceed too much into aromas, leaving the palate clean with a pleasant taste, the one that makes you want to drink a second glass in good company.

How does the Sabatini Gin product differ from the others on the market?

The first distinctive note consists in the fact that Sabatini Gin combines Tuscan raw materials and the tradition of London distillation. In fact, while the botanicals are cultivated and treated in Cortona, the distillation takes place in a small historic distillery in London: the Thames Distillery. So ours is an Italian but at the same time international gin.

The second note is given by the opportunity to visit the production area at Villa Ugo: on our website you can book a visit to the botanical garden, where you can touch the Sabatini Gin botanicals, as well as taste the product in the cocktail bar inside the family garden. In this way, enthusiasts and professionals can fully experience the reality of Sabatini Gin, knowing the place and the people who are part of it.

What is the relationship between Sabatini Gin and its territory of origin?

It’s a very close relationship: we deeply love Tuscany and try to enhance it to the fullest. Even the design of our bottle is a tribute to Tuscany: the light blue background and the green hills with cypresses recall the classic Tuscan landscape.

Pease Chiara, recommend to our customers a recipe or a cocktail with Sabatini Gin.

We are great lovers of Gin and Tonic or, as we call it, Saba Tonic: it’s made with 50 ml of Sabatini Gin, tonic water and two verbena leaves. A great alternative is the Negroni, probably the most famous Tuscan aperitif: it’s made with 30 ml of Sabatini Gin, 30 ml of red vermouth, 30 ml of bitter and orange peel (we love add an olive too).