An interview with Cassano 1875: meet Maurizio

An interview with Cassano 1875: meet Maurizio

Sorrento, Amalfi, Capri: everyone loves these beautiful places in southern Italy. Sun, sea and excellent food provide the ideal setting for a perfect holiday. But what many tourists don’t know is that in these places one of the most perfumed and intense liqueurs of the Italian tradition is produced: we’re talking about limoncello. Today PepeGusto meets Maurizio Ercolano, owner of the Cassano 1875 liquor factory, who has dedicated his life to this precious nectar.

Hi Maurizio and thanks for your willingness. We’re curious to know something more about your factory and its history…

Cassano 1875 is a craft reality that operates in the production of liqueurs in the Sorrento Peninsula. The range of products offered originates from the local tradition, from the ancient recipes of the farmers and fishermen of Sorrento. Our company, despite having started the business only in 1998, immediately managed to impose its products on the market.

Which is your top product and why do you think it's better than the others?

No doubt it’s Limoncello di Sorrento, that we obtain by cold pressing. The indisputable quality of our limoncello is essentially due to the handmade nature of the production and the very high organoleptic properties of the lemons "oval variety of Sorrento" (European IGP certification - Protected Geographical Indication), which are cultivated with a technique that has remained unchanged over time. Our company also guarantees the traceability of the production chain.

The answer will probably be obvious: what relationship do you have with your territory?

As I said before, our liqueurs are made following ancient recipes, which are intrinsic to the history of our places. The air, the sun and the soil of the Sorrento Peninsula are the first “makers” of the tastiness of our products. In addition, this area has a natural touristic vocation and our company over time has chosen to contribute to the attractions through guided tours: visitors can see closely the steps of processing the limoncello, its storage and the quality of the raw material.

Last but not least: a secret recipe with your limoncello…

We call it “Terra delle Sirene”, Land of the Sirens: you have to mix 8 parts (cl.) of lemon sorbet and 2 parts of limoncello; then add some fresh raspberries and pomegranate grains and blend. Add sparkling white wine (we use Italian Spumante) as a final touch and serve cold. Summer in a glass!