An interview with Corte Canella

An interview with Corte Canella

Some weeks ago PepeGusto had the opportunity to meet the girls behind Corte Canella: two volcanic sisters, with an infectious smile and very willing to tell the story of their family company. A story made of passion for work, love for local wine and respect for agriculture. Today the blog hosts Valentina, the elder sister.

Hi Veronica, we’re happy to hear from you again. Please start describing to our readers the roles of your family members inside Corte Canella company.

Dad Francesco is THE winemaker: he takes care of everything concerning the countryside. Mum Adriana is the all-rounder that helps everyone; she’s also responsible for delivering wine and welcoming customers to the cellar. My sister Gloria takes care of administrative matters and social media. I deal with winemaking and commercial activities.

Can you help us to deepen the philosophy of your company?

Our philosophy has always been to produce quality wine: few bottles, but carefully followed in each step. The result is a niche product, aimed at a public that recognizes our passion and our work. We also want to respect our territory by using systems that protect the vine and guarantee a healthy product.

What is the relationship between Corte Canella and its territory of origin?

Corte Canella has always valued the territory in which it was born, both in terms of work and sales: we wanted to invest in our restaurants and in our people. We strongly believe in mutual and fair help between local businesses. Speaking of our land: we believe in respecting the soil in order to have better and better results. We have eliminated the chemical control and now we use a machine that moves the soil to remove the grass naturally. We believe in our DOCs (Controlled Designation of Origin) and we want to enhance them.

How do your wines differ from the others on the market?

Our wines are distinguished by their organoleptic characteristics, by the structure and the fragrances they have: this is the result of a careful and selected work done in the countryside.

Please recommend to our customers some food pairings with your wines.

Everybody knows that Valpolicella Superiore goes well with grilled and braised meat, but here is a very special tip for you: try our Valpolicella with baccalà (salted coldfish), a typical recipe of Venetian area; fish and red wine may seem an unusual pairing but this one is perfect… and it has been already tested and approved by our customers and friends!