An interview with Le Guaite di Noemi

An interview with Le Guaite di Noemi

Today we have the pleasure to host a young entrepreneur in our blog: Noemi Pizzighella is a woman with a wide smile and a deep gaze, in love with her job and always around the world to promote the wines produced by her company… In fact we were able to interview her only between a business trip and a wine fair!

"Le Guaite di Noemi" is a unique name for a company: please explain the meaning to our readers.

"Le Guaite" is the name of the area where our "cru" vineyard is located, the highest point on the hill of Mezzane di Sotto, with a 360-degree panoramic view of Lessinia area. The term "guaite" in fact means "point of view". From our vineyards we can admire Verona, Po Valley, Lake Garda, Berici and Euganei hills and on clear days we can see even the Apennines mountains and Venice! My name, Noemi, had already been associated with a Recioto wine. In 2016 my personal project was born: I wanted to give to the company a different vision from the previous one of my parents. Thus the company has become Le Guaite di Noemi (Noemi's Guaite).

Can you help us to deepen the philosophy of your company?

Our philosophy is based on the company motto: “It’s not a question of fashion, money or duties. It's just a matter of passion and love.” This refers to the passion and values that my family has transmitted to me over the years. Respect for the nature and timing of wine production are very important to us. Our wines are ready for the market only when they are ready to be understood and appreciated by the customers.

How do your wines differ from the others on the market?

Our wines differ primarily in their style: I refer to both the design of the bottle and the style of the wine. Our wines are obviously linked to the tradition of Valpolicella, but in addition they have their own characteristic, like an indelible signature that immediately recognizes our company.

What is the relationship between Le Guaite di Noemi and its territory of origin?

The territory of origin for us is very important, but so are innovation and continuous study to give greater expression to our area. We always try to combine the emotional part of Valpolicella and our grapes with the power of our valley and continuous innovation.

You're an Italian young woman... and you already received some awards! How do you feel about?

Last year it was a real honor to be awarded as the youngest wine woman in the most important Italian association in this field. I strongly believe in the female presence in the wine sector, especially in the young women who are now entering this world. These awards have further encouraged me to work hard, even more than before, and to give even more voice to the feminine side of the wine world.

Please recommend to our customers a food pairing with one (or more!) of your wines.

I suggest Tano as a wine to be served with cold cuts, cheeses, white meats and simple first courses. Our Valpolicella Ripasso is perfect with red meats, first courses with game and aged cheeses. Finally Amarone della Valpolicella goes well with very mature cheeses, game meat and stews.