PepeGusto is the Italian food store where you can buy high quality food and wine products. Small excellences that best represent our country. And what better than pasta represent the local culinary tradition? For this reason, our ecommerce offers you an accurate selection of the best Italian pasta, produced with high quality ingredients from two powerful companies: Premiato Pastificio Ferdinando II, Columbro and Pastificio Toscano.

Geographical origin

Production zone is very important for the high quality of the products. It’s no coincidence that Gragnanois known as “the country of pasta”, the place where the product was born in XVI century: later, in 1845, Ferdinando II di Borbone (Kingdom of Naples) granted the inhabitants to serve long pasta at court, thus beginning the great fame of the food. Currently, Gragnano pasta is recognized as a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) product, made of a mixture of durum wheat semolina with water from the local aquifer. Our Italian store offers different types of pasta from Gragnano. Premiato Pastificio Ferdinando II is one of the best producers in this area: preserving the ancient family traditions and employing modern production systems, this company produces high quality pasta for over 40 years, using local ingredients only.


Color, aroma, roughness and porosity: all these traits of pasta depend on the meticulous production system. After the preparation of the semolina and water mixture, all the shapes are bronze drawn to ensure the right roughness to absorb any condiments. Just out of the die, pasta is slowly deprived of its moisture. In the end, the product is dried at a temperature of 40° for a rather long period (even two days), so as to reach a perfect consistency.

All the pasta shapes

The offer of our Italian store meets all tastes and needs, proposing a selection of long and short pasta types: