The Dolomites Gin

Zu Plun

Two years of developmental work have brought us our unique “Dolomites Gin” with high quality, convincing results.

Florian Rabanser, the master distiller at Plunhof, is not only a perfectionist when it comes to the distillation of classic brandies and grappas, but he is also overflowing with creativity and impetus when it comes to the implementation of new ideas.
Two years of developmental work have brought us the first gin distilled in the region, the first distilled only from herbs and ingredients grown here in the Dolomites. Together with the village apothecary, we have meticulously analyzed which herbs typically used in the production of gin grow here in the Dolomites, and which can be reasonably substituted with other local herbs.
The high quality outcome is a real insiders’ tip and contains numerous plants and herbs, which grow wildly here in the area of Mount Sciliar. Only the indispensable lemon zest is brought in from Lake Garda. We must wait another 20 years until we can grow our own lemons here in Siusi allo Sciliar.
Stylistics: Our Dolomite gin starts by filling the nose with a full bouquet of the scent of juniper, mountain herbs and fresh ground pepper. On the palate, the fruity zest and discrete bitterness of the gentian root is released.

Alcohol 45% vol.

Category: Alto Adige, Liqueur

Vendor: Zu Plun