Italian Gin

According to the the philosophy of searching for the best Italian food and wine excellences, the Italian food store PepeGusto offers two very high quality Gins, hard to find elsewhere: Sabatin Gin and Dolomites Gin.

Sabatini Gin

Without too many words, Sabatini Gin is a premium gin produced in the heart of Tuscany, which can only be purchased on five Italian ecommerce. And PepeGusto is one of these. True Italian excellence, this gin is produced by the Sabatini family in Teccognano, a small town in the Arezzo district, using raw materials grown near the family property.

Sabatini Gin is a special “London Dry Gin”, produced using nine different botanicals: juniper, coriander, iris, wild fennel, lavender, olive leaves, thyme, verbena and sage. A unique recipe created by Charles Maxwell (Thames Distillers Ltd), which brings together the rules of English distillation with the typical Tuscan flavors. While the first production phase takes place at Teccognano, distillation and bottling are entrusted to the Thames Distillers: the distillation is by infusion, until obtaining a gin with an alcohol content of 41.3°, herbal notes and and countryside aromas.

Sabatini Gin is distinguished by a sophisticated, full but not intrusive taste. A liqueur with a unique flavour, that perfectly embodies the Tuscan food and wine traditions.

Dolomites Gin

Dolomites Gin is a high quality liqueur produced by the Zu Plun distillery. A gin produced and distilled around the Dolomites (2500 m), using ingredients and herbs grown exclusively in the Alpe di Siusi area, except for the lemon peel from Lake Garda. The recipe for Dolomites Gin includes juniper – unmissable ingredient – and other 24 mountain herbs, as well as infructiscences, flowers and roots of elderberry. After preparation, the product is distilled in a double cycle with infusion in copper boilers, until obtaining a liqueur with an alcohol content of 45°.

Dolomites Gin is a distillate with a clear fruity aroma and some bitter notes of gentian. A liqueur that perfectly mixes juniper, mountain herbs and a pinch of pepper. A good recipe, well studied by master distiller Florian Rabanser, so much that it has been decreed “Best Italian Gin” according to Gambero Rosso.