Williams Pear Distilled

Zu Plun

Williams Pear: In Europe, no other fruit is distilled as often as the Williams pear, which is, you might say, the queen among the schnapps pears.

The Williams pears used by Zu Plun originate in Burgraviato near Lana and the lower Val Venosta near Naturno. These must be noticeably riper at harvest than the typical pear sold in your local supermarket.
Only then, will they deliver the concentrated flavoring captured in this brandy.
The fully yellow, harvest-fresh pears immediately have their stems removed by hand and are distilled.
This is a time-sensitive, labor-intensive process. After all, just one bottle contains the flavor of over 8 kilograms of compacted fruit mash.

Stylistics: The brandy unfolds transparent, pure notes of fruit on the palate. It is really full of character. The most elegant of the brandies made of pitted fruits shines to the finish with an impressively sustained, long-lasting taste.

Alcohol 42% vol.

Vendor: Zu Plun