Cantucci & Vin Santo


Tuscan Flavors of Meditation: Vin Santo di Carmignano DOC & Artisan Cantucci Toscani with Almonds

The Box contains:

- n°1 Bottle Vin santi di Carmignano DOC 375ml / 15,5°

- n°1 Artisan Cantucci Toscani with Almonds 200gr / 7.06 oz.

Our Cantucci are made with high quality raw materials in compliance with the traditional recipe with only flour, sugar, fresh eggs, Italian almonds and natural vanilla.

Thanks to the craftsmanship and genuine ingredients they keep the flavors of the past alive and unaltered, evoking the tastes and aromas of homemade biscuits. The classic pairing is with Vin Santo.

The taste and the flavour of our biscotti is given exclusively from the excellent natual ingredients, so that you can enjoy the genuine and tasty flavours.

Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, 23% almonds, eggs, raising agents: disodium diphosphate and sodium hydrogen carbonate, wheat starch, salt, natural flavourings

Tuscan Cantucci HandMade