Valpolicella Doc Superiore 2016 - Corte Canella

Corte Canella


"It's "The Wine", according to Corte Canella. A wine that gives emotions and joy. We wanted an engaging wine, which unites and celebrates with us on great occasions. This is how our Valpolicella Superiore was born: a wine that knows how to fill hearts."

Concentration, richness and smoothness happily come together in this wine, which is the result of careful work aimed to enhance its features to the point of a sensory explosion. The flavours are round and enveloping and fill the mouth with their qualities. The structure and the alcohol content give this particular wine great elegance and disclose its value. Clusters undergo a long and delicate drying process, which is tied to the cycle of the seasons, and lasts 40 to 50 days. The aging in toasted oak barrels allows the wine to rest for 18/24 months, gaining a deep and lively colour and an intense flavour that reminds of cherries and berries. Bottle aging lasts at least six months and brings the wine to a complete maturation, giving it a perfect balance. An elegant, well-proportioned blend of Corvinone, Corvina and Rondinella


CAT. OMOLOGA DOC - Denomination of Controlled Origin
DOC PRODUCTION ORIGIN ZONE Cellore d'Illasi (province of Verona).
YIELD 80 quintals / Ha

TYPICAL AREA Valpolicella VINEYARDS Corvina 30%, Corvinone 60%, Rondinella 5% and Croatina 5%

VINEYARD OPERATIONS A first selection is made in spring, removing the second gem. Before the harvest comes in the leaf wall of the vine it is defoliated to improve the solar irradiation and it is carried out a thin of the bunches (maximum 5-6 of plant).

HARVEST AND VINIFICATION With the harvest, the third week of September, the grapes are only placed in the plateau for a drying of about 50/60 days. The processing in the cellar is slow and precise, to then put the wine to mature the oak barrique for about 24 months. Following bottling, it has a minimum bottle aging time of 6 months.


COLOR ruby red
AROMS wine with a round and enveloping taste, it surrounds the mouth with its own talents. Important hints of ripe fruit, especially cherry.

GASTRONOMIC COMBINATIONS Red meats and sausages are the ideal match, followed by seasoned cheeses.

ADDITIONAL NOTES Recommended opening at least 2 hours before

Vendor: Corte Canella