The HomeMade "Sbrisolotto" biscuit


The Sbrisolona cake of Mantova is famous for its flavours. To pay homage to this classic, Infermentum created its Sbrisolotto Biscuit using the same ingredients: almonds galore in a different dough that is softer than the original.

The size? Unquestionably large, they are large biscuits for true connoisseurs. They also make an ideal sweet gift


‘00’ soft wheat flour, butter, sugar, almonds, corn flour, whole pasteurised eggs, salt, leavening agents (sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate), Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans.

List of Allergens
Contains: gluten, lactose, almonds, eggs. Produced in an environment
that handles nuts and milk derivatives

Category: Biscuit, Sweet

Vendor: Infermentum