"Sul Lievito" Valdobbiadene DOCG Prosecco


Sul Lievito (“on the lees”) bears witness to this area’s winemaking tradition. Sul Lievito, a semi-sparkling wine made from grapes grown only in the Valdobbiadene DOCG zone, undergoes spontaneous bottle fermentation during the spring. The selected yeasts present in the bottle act as a natural preservative, while the complete lack of residual sugar (0 g / l) makes the wine particularly light.

Technical Sheet

Style Lightly sparkling (frizzante)
Grape varieties Glera 100%
Viticultural area Hills in the comuni of Valdobbiadene-Vidor-Farra di Soligo Average altitude 180 - 300 mt. 
Soils profile Mixed soils, typical of morainic (glacial) origin of many of the area’s hills. Clayey, often calcareous, low-nutrient and well drained; fairly shallow, in particular at higher elevations.
Aspect Hillsides, often steep, with vines contoured across slopes and generally facing south.
Climate Moderate temperatures with cold winters and warm dry summers. Average rainfall: 1250 millimetres with heaviest fall in June and November, lightest in January and August. Solar radiation, April-October: 92,745 cal/cm

Technical data

  • Alcohol 11% vol.
  • Sugar absent
  • Total acidity 5,5 g/l pH 3.25
  • Atmospheres: 2.30 -2.50 bar
  • Lowest total level of SO2: 50-60 mg/l.
  • Free SO2: absent

Sensory profile

Presentation: Straw yellow. Delicate, long-lasting bead.
Nose: Develops over time. At first, crisp, fruity aromas characteristic of just-fermented Prosecco emerge, backgrounded by fresh crusty bread. Then the wine gradually releases more complex notes derived from the lees ageing.
Palate: Similar to the nose, the flavours show very delicate at first, developing a greater complexity as the moments pass. Pleasantly dry with a hallmark bitterish note. 

Food recommendation: A great summer wine, refreshing, crisp, and light. A good accompaniment to fish and to risotto with mushrooms or vegetables.

Serving temperature: Chill to about 8-10° C. Pour very carefully into a serving decanter, taking care not to stir up the light sediment.

Serving glass: White wine glass, medium-wide. Avoid using tall, slender flutes: while they maximize enjoyment of the bead, they inhibit release of the wine’s bouquet.  

Adami Winery


For over 90 years Adami has produced only Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG and Prosecco DOC Treviso in its various types and expressions, both traditional and more modern, linked to the diversity of each single hill.

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