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SOAVE DOC "La Vero" 2018

"It's the wine of challenge and revenge, the wine that has put us to the test. Dedicated to Veronica, the first daughter who believed in this dream of a family business. A wine with a cheerful and energetic taste, which recalls warm summer evenings, good fish and long chats. "

The perfect blend of Garganega and Trebbiano. Garganega, a whole wealth of aromas in which almond and white flowers are predominant; and Trebbiano, a grape of great character, which adds to the Garganega lively and floral notes on the nose, while enhancing the structure and persistence to the palate. It is a wine characterized by simplicity, that one can never tire of. Structure and elegance are tied together and complement each other, giving birth to “La Vero”. Its grapes are carefully selected and undergo a 20 days drying process, followed directly by the bottling, which rounds off the features of the wine and enhances both intensity and fragrance.


CAT. OMOLOGA DOC - Denomination of Controlled Origin
DOC PRODUCTION ORIGIN ZONE Lavagno(province of Verona).
YIELD 100 quintals / Ha

VINEYARD: Garganega 90% and Trebbiano di Soave 10%

VINEYARD OPERATIONS As the garganega is a high-yielding vine, an important thinning is done in the first ten days of August, in such a way as to allow a correct maturation and an excellent result in terms of gradation, aromas and structure.

HARVEST AND VINIFICATION The harvest begins in the first ten days of September. A part of the grapes is placed in a plateau for a drying of about 20 days, while the remaining part is left to mature in the plant until the moment when the grapes are pressed together. Before fermentation, the must is left at a temperature of 5 ° C for about 5/7 days, allowing a better extraction of perfumes. The steel completes the path until bottling in March / April.


PRODUCED BOTTLES from 0.75 liters: 5.066 bottles

COLOR yellow reflections of beautiful chromaticity
AROMI white fruit prevails over the bitterish aftertaste typical of Soave. A lively and floral note on the nose enhances its structure and persistence on the palate.

GASTRONOMIC COMBINATIONS It really ranges to every occasion. Perfect as an aperitif on summer evenings, ideal for a seafood dinner, excellent Sunday mornings with friends before lunch.
ADDITIONAL NOTES The characteristic of this wine is its name: "La Vero", diminutive of VERONICA.

Vendor: Corte Canella