Sicilian Cola BIO


With juice from “Siracusa Lemon PGI”
Our Sicilian Cola BIO is characterized by a unique taste.The aromatic intensity of the walnut cola contrasts with the rich and intense aroma of ” PGI Syracuse Lemon”. Its taste, full and delicate at the same time, is finally embellished with the natural sweetness of Sicilian organic grape juice and carrube juice.

Ingredients: water, grape juice *, carbon dioxide, burnt sugar *, acidifying: citric acid, locust beans, natural flavors, Siracusa IGP juice (0.1%), cola nut extract. *From organic farming.

Energy: 192 kj/45 kcal Fats: 0 gr. of which saturates: 0 gr. Carbohydrate: 11 gr. of which sugars: 11 gr. Proteins: 0,03 gr. Salt: 0,02 gr.

Bottle Contents: 250ml //  8.45 fl.oz

For our drinks we only use Sicilian raw materials, with a short and controlled supply chain. For this reason, our drinks are fully covered by the “Km 0” food under the aegis of this ancient tradition, which has been passed down for 100 years. In 2011, sharing mission and vision, we signed the Development Plan of the Citrus District of Sicily, the first regional project to safeguard and enhance the citrus heritage of the island.

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Vendor: Tomarchio