Recioto di Soave DOCG "Alesium" 2015

Villa Canestrari

Vineyard: foothills with clayey and tuffaceous soils.

Types of grapes: Garganega.

Ageing: – About 1 year in oak barrels. – 12 months in stainless steel tanks – 6 months in bottle

Colour: light golden yellow bicchiere-bianco
Bouquet: intense, flowery and spicy.
Flavor: rounded, full and lingering.
Alcohol content: 13.5% Vol.

Serving suggestions: Pandoro and panettone, creamy desserts and dry confectionery. Blue and other sharp cheeses, served with honey, jam or “mostarda”. Goose liver.
Serving temperatur: 6°-8° C

Villa Canestrari Philosophy

One hundred and twenty-five years of tradition are an important legacy: a wealth of expertise, anecdotes and values that we seek to maintain and make known through our wines.

Our vineyards are situated both in the zone for Valpolicella and in that of Soave, allowing us to produce both types of wine.

Our sites, thanks to their different microclimates, yield grapes that highlight the typical characteristics of their particular places of origin. To some extent, these two very different zones complement one another in our way of conceiving wine: it is a gift that the land offers us, as well as a chance to provide emotions and an opportunity to preserve and pass on our passion for our area and our constant quest for quality.