Pollum - Valpolicella Beer American Wheat

Birra della Valpolicella

High fermentation light beer.
Made with four different cereals: barley, wheat,
oat and rye.Light hopping with delicate floral scents with spices that give a fresh and sour note.

Cold hopping gives a persistent fragrance
of pink grapefruit and passion fruit.

Sweet, refreshing beer with a strong character!

Style: American Wheat
Fermentation: high
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, wheat malt, rye and oats, orange peel, coriander, hops, yeast
Color: golden yellow (EBC 13)
Foam: White, generous and persistent
Perfume: Fresh and floral. Hops give hints of pink grapefruit
and fruit of passion, while spices give a citrus note
Taste: Cereal taste, sweet and well balanced. Silky and sweet in the mouth.
A note of fresh hops is appreciated in the finish. Medium body
Alcohol content: 5.7% vol
Plato degree: 13
Pairings: Citrus and refreshing, it goes well with summer dishes of fish, molluscs and crustaceans. Excellent also with pizza. Its good structure
also places it with more tasty and spicy dishes