Passerina Marche IGT


Marche IGT Passerina is composed of 85% Passerina grape and 15% of other white wine grapes from Marche Region, cultived in a soil rich of microelements.

After a soft whole bunch pressing and controlled temperature alcoholic fermentation, the maturation takes places for some months in bottle.
Light yellow colour. Intense aroma typical of Passerina grape wine.
Yellow fruits notes.
Ripe fruits sensations, lively and well-belanced.
It’s a good match for all kinds of fish dishes.

Serving temperature: 8° -10° C.

Cherri Winery Cherri d’Acquaviva wineyard is located in Acquaviva Picena (AP), in the south of Marche region, at 359 metres above sea level. Our vines grow in a DOCG area, that denotes controlled production methods and guaranteed wine quality.


Vendor: Cherri