Olio Flaminio Fruttato (Fruity Oil) Harvest 2018

Olio Flaminio

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Obtained naturally by cold extraction, from olives harvested by hand at the beginning of November and milled within 12 hours. Characterised by the taste of fresh olives and the fragrance of olives collected at the start of the ripening period, this oil is full-bodied, aromatic and decisive, with a pleasurably spicy flavour and a slightly bitter aftertaste.

It forms an essential basis for a healthy diet, due to its high content of polyphenyls, with their powerful role in combating cellular aging.

Technical Sheet

SEASON: 2018 
End October. 
EXTRACTION SYSTEM Cold extraction within 12 hours of harvesting.
COLOR Emerald green.
FLAVOR Characteristic of fresh olives and fragrant, body decided and pleasantly spicy. DENSITY Medium.

PAIRING Raw all the tastes pronounced, and also on bruschette, salads, red meat, grilled meat and vegetables, boiled vegetables and soup. To be used in cooking for the preparation of sauces and fried.


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