Olio Flaminio Delicato Harvest 2018 (Delicate Oil)

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Obtained naturally by cold extraction, from olives collected by hand in mid November and milled within 12 hours, it captures within its aroma and taste all the culture and traditions of oil growing passed on through three generations.
The idea for Flaminio Delicate Oil originated from the powerful insight of our Master Taster Guerrino Perotti, class of 1915, the foremost exponent of the old school of Umbrian tasting. Only the most delicate and harmonious millings are selected for this oil. With its delicate, slightly fruity and well rounded flavour and emerald green colour, it is unmistakeable for its elegance and grace. Children tend to prefer its delicate taste.

Technical Sheet

PERIOD OF HARVEST Beginning of November.
EXTRACTION SYSTEM Cold extraction within 12 hours of harvesting.
COLOR Emerald green.
FLAVOR Finely fruity and elegant, sweet and delicate taste.

PAIRING The best use is as a crude dressing on each plate, particularly with fish, crustaceans, vegetable soup, risotto, white meats, pesto dishes and all the delicate flavors, because the fineness of its characteristics doesn’t “cover” the taste of the plate.

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