Maionese di Paccasassi - Vegan


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Artisan mayonnaise without eggs and flavored with spaccasassi. Spaccasassi give this mayonnaise a character of absolute uniqueness. Our mayonnaise has a delicate flavor and finely flavored by the taste of spaccasassi.

Ingredients: sunflower seed oil, water, wood splinters * (6%), extra virgin olive oil, rice flour, lemon juice, wine vinegar, sugar, salt, Senape seeds, thickener: xanthan gum, spices .
* Sea fennel (Crithmum maritimum).

Recommended pairings: It is perfect in combination with raw fish, smoked salmon and tuna, steamed fish and fried fish. It is also excellent with vegetables and salads and to accompany fried, grilled or boiled meats.

Category: sauces, vegan

Vendor: Rinci

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