“In Un Sol Bianco” Fermented in Bottle

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Siro Merotto

Trademarks of this wine are its richness and maturity inherited from the prise de mousse in bottle and the yeast residues. The second fermentation gives it the intensity of ripe and candied fruit and the smooth and long taste of custard, without undermining the balance of acidic and sapid.


“In un sol bianco” White bottle fermented wine is made from 100% Glera grapes using the method of second fermentation in bottle. That is, the alcoholic fermentation takes place in April when temperatures rise to about 18° C and after wine has been bottled with its own suspended yeast. This is the reason with its strength is of 11° and its sugar residue is 0 g/l. To the eyes it appears clear, whereas what stands out to aromas and taste is the richness of ripe fruit, golden delicious above others) and patisserie. It suits cold cuts.


Vendor: Siro Merotto