Grappa di Veltliner

Zu Plun

Grappa with a floral, fruity bouquet obtained from the pomace of single grape varieties cultivated around the Novacella convent in Valle Isarco.

Even the pomace of this single-grape variety comes from the Valle Isarco, more precisely from the areas cultivated around the Novacella convent.

Raw material: vineyards in the Novacella area, Valle Isarco
Distillation process: discontinuous, double distillation, bain-marie in copper boilers
Storage / aging: -
Color-clarity: colorless, clear
Aroma: floral, fruity bouquet reminiscent of the Gewürztraminer
Taste: full, with fruity notes.
Aftertaste: persistent

Alcohol 42% vol.

Vendor: Zu Plun