Grappa Blauburgunder

Zu Plun

Grappa of pinot noir marc of small vineyards of the South Tyrolean wine route, Stroblhof, Appiano.

Grappa Blauburgunder.
This specialty of single grape is obtained from the marc of small vineyards, as for example the Stroblhof of Appiano.
It is famous for the pinot noir with its delicate bouquet of black cherry and the special reserve, which is vinified only in good years above average. Selected grapes, wholesome and completely ripe from the best areas and from the old vine stocks ensure an elegant pinot noir with balanced tannins and refined aromas: qualities that the master distiller from Plunhof can also awaken in grappa. Pinot noir grappa spreads in the nose aromas of cherries, completely ripe berries, and a touch of bitter almond.

The palate is strong with very present tannins that blend in slightly fruity notes as an aftertaste.

Alcohol 42% vol.

Vendor: Zu Plun