Gift Box - Sicilian Sweet and Dry Fruits


Sicilian Sweet and Dry Fruits

Sicilian almond and pistachio brittle, soft pistachio nougat match with coffee, hot tea or liqueur after a meal. A beautiful basket of marzipan fruit made from honey and almond flour, created and painted by hand to eat alone or to give to our guests on Christmas day as a lucky charm and lunettes of candied orange peel to eat alone or combined with a good wine or liqueur.


The Gift box contains:

  • Martorana fruits 180 gr
  • Sicilian Pistachio nougat 150 gr
  • Sugared orange peels 200gr
  • Almond brittle 100gr
  • Pistachio brittle 100gr
  • Gift Box


An experience of unique Sicilian flavors.

Category: box, Christmas, coffee, gift, Sweet

Vendor: PepeGusto