Aperitivo in Oil, a selection of fine pickles


Aperitivo in Oil,  a selection of fine pickles

The Gift Box contains:

- 280gr Cardoncelli mushrooms

- 280gr Dried Tomatoes

- 270gr Julienne Aubergines

- 280gr Globe Artichokes

Cardoncelli mushrooms grow spontaneously in the Murgia, between Apulia and Basilicata. They are particularly appreciated because of their intense flavour and their important nutritional properties.

A NATURAL SNACK Cardoncelli mushrooms in oil are a perfect frame to serve with meat or on warm bruschette, even better if paired with cheeses or salami.


Dried tomatoes are a very tasty natural food, loved by everyone and perfect to enrich many different types of dishes. They pair well with bruschette with salami and cheeses, valorise risotti and cold pastas and enrich side dishes, meats and even broth. HOW WOULD YOU PAIR THEM?
Try them for an unusual caprese salad, or have fun pairing them preparing gourmet sandwiches. In our jars you will find only quality tomatoes preserved with extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, oregano and salt.


The one with globe artichokes is the most appreciated and known conserves in South Italy. We prepare it by hand peeling the globe artichokes and adding them to a solution of vinegar, water and lemon. Right after this, we boil them for a few minutes before preserving them in glass jars with mint, garlic, salt and, of course, extra virgin olive oil.
A SHARED MOMENT BETWEEN FRIENDS The globe artichokes and be eaten raw or cooked; they are perfect if added to tasty sandwiches!


The condiment of in oil julienne aubergines is made with extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality and delicate flavour, and it’s a perfect pairing for meat dishes or sandwiches.
THE HEALTIEST INGREDIENTS Aubergines, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, garlic, mint and salt: our grandparents prepared them like this. And like this we prepare them, every day, with the same care.