FRESCOLIO Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monti Iblei DOP

Frantoi Cutrera

Technical Sheet

Production zone: South-eastern Sicily
Altitude: 200-400 Mt. a.s.l.
Olive: Young and old trees in hilly and flat territory near the Mediterranean Sea
Variety: Moresca, Biancolilla
Harvesting method: By hand harvest
Harvesting period: From the 20th September to the end of production
Extration method: Continuous cold cycle
Aspect: Green, cloudy due to natural decantation
Smell: Fresh, fruity and very intense with notes of pronounced aromatic Fresh herbs characteristic of a freshly produced oil
Flavour/Aroma: Full-bodied, rich and enveloping, with notes of fresh herbs, spicy and bitter with pronounced freshness

Food Recommendations:Raw on freshly baked bread, perfect on “bruschetta”, vegetable soups and grilled buffalo meat, perfect on very structured and typical winter dishes (stews, casseroles)


For generations the Cutrera family has been dedicating to the cultivation of olive trees and olive oil production, a profession carried on for decades with the passion and the love that binds this family to its land. The company's origins date back more than a century ago, records show that in 1906, the family Cutrera was dedicated to the cultivation and care of olive trees in Chiaramonte Gulfi, a small town in the south-eastern area of Sicily.

Category: Sicily

Vendor: Frantoi Cutrera