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Farfalle Tricolor (Tomato, red beet and spinach)

Care and attention to the authenticity of the product also for dry pasta. The selection of the best flour is mixed with water to obtain the right elasticity and to pass to the delicate drawing phase in which the dough is kneaded through the molds and takes on the characteristic shapes of the Apulian and Italian tradition.

Slow drying at low temperatures according to the traditional method allows the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of cereals to be preserved intact. This produces a pasta with the characteristic taste of wheat, with a delicate color and a virtuous consistency, ideal for containing sauces and stimulating the palate.

We recommend the orecchiette with a good fresh tomato sauce, a basil leaf and a little extra virgin olive oil.


Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, dehydrated tomato (4%), dehydrated red beet (0.3), dehydrated spinach (2%), water. Allergens contains gluten.


Allergens contains gluten.


Category: ilovepasta, Pasta, Puglia

Vendor: Centoni