Espresso Coffee Beans - Laboratorio Caffè Sartoriale

Laboratorio Caffè Sartoriale

Artisan Roast Coffee Beans, exclusive blend for PepeGusto - Laboratorio Caffè Sartoriale

A perfect coffee blend for moka pot and espresso with soft and delicate flavour. 

Hints: almond, ripe fruit, dark chocolate


Technical info

Blend: 80%Arabica 20%Robusta

Origin: Brasile pinhal, Panama catuiu rojo, India kaapy royal AAA

Altitudes included 1.000 - 2.200 (meters above sea level)

Roasting: medium/clear for espresso

Selected and hand-picked qualities



Grind 7,5 grams of coffee for single dose and 15 grams of coffee for double dose (at the moment to ensure freshness).
If it takes less time it will be necessary to widen the grinding, if it takes longer it will be necessary to tighten it.

The result will be a full-bodied coffee, with a hazelnut color and a fine consistency, and the undisputed aroma of dried fruit.