Dark Craft Beer of Sorrento Parthenope

Birrificio Sorrento

Visual Approach: Dark, impenetrable high-fermentation beer with a nice cappuccino-colored foam.

Olfactory Approach: The fragrance of walnuts, in various variations, from the pulp to the hull, from the green walnut to the skin, that dance and wrap.

Gustatory Approach: When tasted the body is slender, the tactile sensation silky, alcohol (4.7% vol.) Is not felt; It enters sweet, on the notes of malt, it develops soon on the roast and ends on the hints of cocoa bean, the taste of walnut accompanies all the drink and invades the aftertaste along with an aroma of dark chocolate. Sorrento walnuts perfectly characterize this beer by blending with other ingredients and roasted and roasted malts are masterfully contained, for a fresh and intriguing drink.