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A unique gift, designed for those who love Italy
Handmade Ceramic Bottle Made in Gubbio (Italy), Olive Oil Despenser + Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVO

Our extravirgin olive oil EVO is obtained from the Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo varieties, and from the autochthonous Borgiona variety, all of which are cultivated at 500-700 meters above sea level, between the Mocaiana and San Marco areas of Gubbio, in a reddish soil containing fragments of sedimentary rock.

These cultivars, harvested at the right time, offer an oil with fruity and herbaceous aromas reminiscent of ripe tomatoes, artichokes, aromatic herbs and pine nuts.
The gustatory impact — the aroma of the pleasant bitterness and spice — confirms the polyphenolic integrity of the raw material. 


This harmony of flavors can enrich a simple bruschetta, but also Italian-style crudités, grain and legume soups, vegetables and grilled meat.

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