With Lime natural extract

Deliciously refreshing, our Cedrata is prepared with Lime natural extract, an antique citrus with a characteristic rough and thick skin but with a beneficial property charge for our body. Rich in vitamins C and B1, calcium and potassium have a similar taste to lemon but more aromatic and a sweet bitter aftertaste that gives our drink a unique and refreshing taste.

Number of bottles per packaging: 4

water, sugar, carbon dioxide, acidifying: citric acid, cedar infusion (0.1%), natural flavors, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, safflower extract.
Energy: 205 kj/48 kcal Fats: 0 gr. of which saturates: 0 gr. Carbohydrate: 12 gr. of which sugars: 11 gr. Proteins: 0 gr. Salt: 0,02 gr.

Vendor: Tomarchio