Baci di Cherasco - Barbero chocolate since 1881

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The Original Baci di Cherasco

First protagonists of the centuries-old history of gourmet pastry-making, the Baci di Cherasco ® Barbero are made of a fine blend of pure dark chocolate mixed with Piedmont (Langhe area) hazelnuts – which are hand-selected, toasted according to an ancient recipe, and coarsely crushed.

Dark chocolate and hazelnuts

These are the simple ingredients of the Barbero’s Baci di Cherasco® – unique and filled with all the flavour of the past. The ancient recipe, the careful selection of raw materials and the traditional hazelnut crushing are always the same as those of the Baci di Cherasco® of 1881 – with the pure mass of cocoa that combines and preserves their sweet secret.

We recommend them with our red wines or coffee

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